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Quality data processing services are more art than science. We have years of experience working with hundreds of complex data processing issues enabling us to know which services to recommend for each situation.

Merge/Purge – Merge/Purge processing allows you to update, delete or retain duplicate information between databases. Our customized matching logic and extensive analytic reporting will ensure you get the output results you expect.

Geo Coding - Geo Coding will add the latitude / longitude coordinates and Census tract and block numbers to the addresses on your database. This will allow you to map customer or dealer locations, analyze market penetration, align territories or link addresses to 2000 Census marketing data.

Radius Processing - This process will give you the ability to target prospects or customers within a specific geographical radius of a location.

Custom Processing – Our full-service processing capabilities enable us to provide an infinite number of Custom Data Processing options. Our Custom Processing includes file conversions, data normalization, genderization, splitting names, parsing fields, establishing file intersections plus much more. No job is too complex.

For additional information call 800-701-6531 for a professional consultation with one of our Data Processing experts or email us detailing your needs.