Big Data + Machine Learning

AI Powered Omnichannel Audience Targeting Solutions

Learn about our custom-built Machine Learning platform that powers successful customer acquisition programs. Designed specifically for Direct Marketers, our platform helps drive continuous program improvement and generates significantly higher results over traditional analytic approaches.

Machine Learning for Direct Mail Marketing

What is it and how does it work?

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If you are struggling with disappointing results from your direct mail programs, machine learning could be your ideal solution. Learn how this type of artificial intelligence is transforming our client’s marketing programs.

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How We Help Our Clients

Acquire, Retain and Grow High-Value Customers

Ours is a PII-centric world.  We provide people-based audience targeting solutions coupled with cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms that consistently outperform traditional targeting methodologies.

Machine Learning Analytics

Leading edge Predictive Analytics that power your acquisition, retention and win-back strategies.

Omnichannel Data

PII-based offline and online data enable you to reach prospects and customers through the mailbox, inbox, desktop, and device. 

Acquisition & Retention Services

Solutions that cover a broad range of services designed to optimize your marketing spend and significantly increase ROI.

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