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At Alesco Data, we are taking advanced analytics and model building to new heights for our clients.  Whether you’re looking to boost response rates, decrease cost-to-acquire, increase ROI/LTV, reduce churn, or all the above, our analytics solutions help drive continuous program improvement and cover the full range of descriptive and predictive analytics.


Gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends.

Data Collection

We gather data from various sources such as transactions, interactions, surveys, and social media.


With personalization, we tailor marketing messages, products, and services to individual customer preferences to enhance the customer experience.

Data Analysis

Using statistical and analytical techniques we extract valuable insights from collected data

Churn Prediction

With churn prediction, we can efficiently identify customers at risk of leaving, helping you implement retention strategies.


We group customers into segments based on shared characteristics like demographics, behavior, or purchase history.

Cross-Selling and Upselling

We can recommend additional products or services to existing customers based on their buying patterns.

Predictive Modeling

Once all data is gathered, we build models to forecast customer behavior, such as predicting future purchases or churn.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Analysis

We can help you calculate the long-term value of a customer to guide your marketing and retention efforts.


Gain a competitive edge, enhance decision-making, and understand your target audiences more deeply.


Rich Insights

Gain a better understanding of individuals and businesses. These insights offer demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data, allowing organizations to create a comprehensive view of their customers or prospects.

Time Efficiency

Acquiring third-party data profiles saves time compared to collecting this information firsthand. Our data profile solutions create efficiencies that are particularly beneficial for marketing and sales teams looking to quickly identify and engage with potential customers.

Enhanced Targeting

With detailed profiles, businesses can refine their targeting strategies. They can tailor marketing campaigns, product recommendations, and messaging to specific audience segments, improving conversion rates and ROI.


Predictive Insights

Our data modeling solutions allows organizations to predict future outcomes based on historical data. Whether it’s predicting customer behaviors, sales trends, or risk assessment, modeling enhances decision-making by providing foresight.

Optimized Operations

Modeling can optimize various businesses processes, from direct marketing campaign budgets, to inventory control and distribution. This results in cost savings and improved efficiency.


Our data models can be used to create personalized experiences for customers. Recommendations, content, and product suggestions can be tailored to individual preferences.


Improve performance across direct marketing channels with our robust models

Machine Learning Analytics

The most advanced method for optimizing your acquisition, upsell/cross sell and retention marketing campaigns.  We build better models.  It’s that simple.

Machine Learning Platform

Read about our platform that is the muscle behind the magic.

Customer Insights & Analysis

Understand your customers better, create greater engagement and produce more effective campaigns via our Insight and Segmentation services.

Machine Learning for Direct Mail Marketing

What is it and how does it work?

If you are struggling with disappointing results from your direct mail programs, machine learning could be your ideal solution. Learn how this type of artificial intelligence is transforming our client’s marketing programs.

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