Get a complete profile of individuals by identifying and connecting crucial pieces of information

How it Works:

Identity Resolution is a cutting-edge technology that plays a pivotal role in connecting missing pieces of personal data to create a unified view of your best prospects and customers. Our identity resolution platform has various components, including Email, IP, Phone, Postal, and MAIDs (Mobile Advertising IDs). Identity resolution is particularly important in situations where data is collected from multiple sources or stored in various databases, and there may be inconsistencies, duplications, or variations in how the same entity’s information is represented.

The Benefits of Identity Resolution

Data Quality Improvement

Identity resolution helps improve the quality of data by identifying and resolving duplicate or conflicting records, reducing errors, and ensuring data accuracy.

Analytics & Decision-Making

Accurate identity resolution is crucial for making informed decisions, conducting meaningful data analysis, and deriving actionable insights from the integrated data.

Data Integration

This solution enables the integration of data from diverse sources, allowing organizations to create a comprehensive and accurate view of their customers, patients, products, or any other entities of interest.


In regulated industries, identity resolution is essential for ensuring compliance with data privacy and security regulations, as well as for fraud detection and prevention.

The Identity Resolution Process

Collection & Preprocessing

As part of the process, we gather data from various sources, which may include databases, spreadsheets, web forms, or external data providers. We then clean and standardize the data to remove inconsistencies and errors, such as formatting and misspellings.


With matching, we compare the data elements to identify potential matches. We use various algorithms and techniques for this purpose, such as exact matching, fuzzy matching, or probabilistic matching.


Scoring involves assigning a confidence score to each potential match to indicate the likelihood that two records refer to the same entity. The threshold for accepting a match can be adjusted based on the desired level of accuracy and recall.

Linking & Resolution

Establishing links or connections between records that meet the matching criteria, we effectively merge or consolidate them into a single entity or profile. We then resolve any conflicts or inconsistencies during the linking process, such as differences in attributes or values.

Identity Resolution and Marketing


Email is a critical aspect of data integration that involves identifying and associating an individual’s multiple email addresses across various platforms and databases. By accurately connecting these existing accounts, businesses can better understand customer behavior, enhance marketing strategies, and create personalized experiences for users. With email identity resolution, organizations can achieve higher email deliverability rates and optimize their marketing efforts effectively.

IP Addresses

IP Identity Resolution revolves around matching and consolidating multiple IP addresses that an individual uses across devices and networks. This process helps businesses in fraud detection, security enhancement, and targeted advertising. Companies can also detect suspicious activities and prevent unauthorized access while delivering relevant content to specific IP address segments.


This type of identity resolution focuses on linking various phone numbers associated with an individual to build a unified profile. It enables businesses to establish seamless communication with customers and prospects, improve service, and carry out effective marketing campaigns through targeted SMS or phone calls. Companies can also enhance lead generation and optimize their outreach strategies.


This component of identity resolution connects multiple physical addresses that are attributed to a single person. This is vital for companies with extensive direct mail marketing initiatives or those that rely on accurate customer location data for their services. By resolving postal identities, businesses can minimize communication redundancies and ensure successful delivery of physical marketing materials. 

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