Be the first to reach targeted prospects in the financial services and real estate markets.

With our comprehensive database of qualified records, you will be able to reach potential prospects in all aspects of the financial market, including real estate and mortgage marketers/agencies.

The mortgage and real estate markets are constantly changing, making the landscape more competitive for effective lead generation. By utilizing our financial services data, you can easily tap into the markets that matter most to your business. Our identity solutions and property files can help you produce more quality leads with records that are enhanced, verified and complete.

Improve Campaign Performance with the Industry’s Most Targeted Data

Get higher quality leads and be the first to reach your target audience by utilizing Alesco’s reliable and verified databases.

Mortgage Data

Our mortgage data is sourced from county recorder and accessor records across the US. It is updated on a monthly basis and contains information on over 80 million homeowners.

The file contains over 100 mortgage and property-related solutions in addition to household and individual demographic criteria. Couple this data with our machine learning targeting algorithms to identify highly responsive prospects for your marketing campaigns.

Financial Data

Find the most qualified prospects in the financial sector and enhance your current dataset with new insights about your current customers. With markets becoming more volatile, year over year, effective lead generation is important. 

Our financial and real estate market database can help you acquire new leads, even in times of uncertainty. Combined with our identity solutions and machine learning platform, you will be able to be able to strategically target new prospects and gain new ground with your marketing campaigns.


Targeted Email Records

With billions of distinct name and email combinations, you have the ability to reach your ideal audience through the channels that matter most. If you need to pinpoint a specific target market, we can help you choose from hundreds of selects to ensure that the right people receive your message.

Email Match & Deploy

Send targeted email messages to your existing customer profile with our email match and deployment solutions.  We simply upload your existing postal database to our match and deploy database, and then use this contact information to match your records to consumers who have an opted-in email address.

Email Installation

Our email installation solution can help you layer and combine targeted email data with your current in-house database, whenever you need it. Easily fill in missing gaps within your own internal data by appending our targeted email dataset to find and validate missing emails.

Appends & Reverse Appends

Only have postal records, or just emails? We can fill in the missing gaps. With our email append and reverse email append services, we can attach postal, phone or email records to the data you already have. With over 500 million records, it’s never been easier to reach your customers.

Digital Targeting

Our digital audience targeting solutions start with offline, PII-based data attributes for maximum targeting effectiveness.  Using people-based marketing data, we then take these records and sync them to our email database, expanding your online marketing channels to increase campaign reach and maximize conversions.

Email Prospecting

Market your message to the masses with our email prospecting solution. We can deploy and send out mass emails on your behalf utilizing our targeted email marketing data and our in-house marketing tools. We can also help craft your messaging and deploy your campaign.


Expand Your Marketing Across Multiple Channels

With an expansive email dataset, you get more opportunities to reach and engage with prospective clients and customers. The addition of targeted email addresses also gives you the power to build a cohesive omnichannel strategy with consistent messaging across all marketing mediums.

Build More Complete Customer Profiles

Easily identify email addresses for digital identities and for anonymous visitors to your website. Sync these targeted email addresses to your own internal data and remove any duplicates or bad records. The result is a clean dataset that allows you to run more cohesive omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Get More Insights from Digital Attribution

With our targeted email database solutions, you can easily link new customer profiles you’ve obtained through digital channels back to your own customer profiles and internal marketing data. This means better attribution and more insights into customer behavior and intent.

Enhance Consumer Engagement

Make a complete connection between an online form submission and validated emails. With our database, you will be able to connect complete customer identities with your digital lead generation campaigns. By validating emails to your consumer identities, you open the door for more effective communication across every aspect of your business – from marketing to sales.

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