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Consumer Data

Our comprehensive consumer database is loaded with a deep array of demographic, psychographic and property-related data attributes, including emails.

  • 254+ million records
  • 145+ deliverable emails
  • 300+ demographics

Email Data

With over 2 billion distinct name and email combinations, our email database can enhance your marketing efforts by adding emails to your campaigns.

  • 1.7 billion IP addresses
  • 1.7 billion full postal records
  • 500 million email appends

Business Data

With over 800+ titles available, our business database is a unique, unduplicated mega file aggregated from multiple sources.

  • 27+ million businesses
  • 95+ million business contacts
  • 10+ million contacts with email

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Data

We offer the most accurate PII-based data available, with self-reported survey responses and millions of specific category counts for popular products and brands.

  • 150+ million total records
  • Category counts available, including:
  • Pet food, baby products and more!

Automotive Data

Get vehicle owners nationwide by make, model, year, mileage, demographics and more. Our multi-sourced, proprietary database is 100% marketing compliant.

  • 201+ million VIN records
  • 125+ million emails
  • 2019-2022 vehicle owners

Specialty Data

Reach specialized markets, professions, and trade industries with greater accuracy and precision. This data is compiled from directories, surveys and certification files.

  • Hundreds of premium selects
  • Medical professions and other specialties with emails

Additional Databases:

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We utilize all of our available databases to create unique solutions for our clients.

Our client success model is the result of over 30 years of building strong partnerships, combined with leading expertise, one-on-one personalized support, and robust enhancements.

This model helps our clients achieve their objectives through the right combination of proprietary and partner data solutions.

Because Partnerships Matter

We have built strong partnerships with the industry’s most reputable data providers. This mutual trust helps us continuously provide exceptional service to our clients every day.

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