Gain valuable insights and develop high-quality prospects for targeted multichannel marketing campaigns

In today’s data-driven landscape, marketing teams and their service providers are utilizing third-party data licensing to increase sales and profitability.

Database installs, aka data licensing, enables brands, agencies and data brokers to leverage on-premises data assets to develop high performing multi-channel marketing campaigns. Data licensing provides hands-on access to data science teams, allowing for more efficient model builds and deployments based on the widest range of demographic and firmographic attributes.

We offer various types of data licensing solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing data assets.

Automotive Data Licensing

Our auto data licensing includes information related to vehicles, their specifications, usage patterns, and ownership details. The licensed install we have available is valuable for dealerships, automotive marketing agencies, and marketers targeting vehicle owners.


The Benefits:

  • Enables personalized marketing and advanced customer segmentation
  • Assists in predicting maintenance needs and trends
  • Supports auto manufacturers and marketers with product development insights
  • Data is also updated regularly due to frequent changes in vehicle details

Consumer Data Licensing

Our consumer data licensing file includes demographic information, interests, online behavior, and purchase history of individuals. Marketers, advertisers, and retailers can utilize our data license to tailor campaigns and enhance customer experiences.


The Benefits:

  • Helps facilitate targeted advertising and personalized marketing
  • Assists in understanding consumer preferences and trends
  • Improves customer engagement and loyalty
  • Reassurance that licensed data follows all ethical data collection practices and privacy laws

Email Data Licensing

With email data licensing, you will always have the most up-to-date information for your multichannel marketing efforts. With a constant stream of email data, marketers and sales teams alike will always be empowered to reach their best potential customers.


The Benefits:

  • Allows targeted email marketing campaigns
  • Supports lead generation and customer acquisition
  • Helps in building and expanding business networks
  • Database contains updated, reliable emails that are CAN-SPAM compliant and adhere to all privacy laws and best practices

Phone ID Data Licensing

By licensing our Phone ID file,  you will have access to a number of databases with verified phone numbers of individuals or businesses. Telemarketers, marketers and sales professionals alike can utilize this data to make targeted phone calls.


The Benefits:

  • Facilitates direct and personalized communication with potential customers
  • Supports lead generation and sales efforts
  • Enables market research and customer feedback collection
  • Files are scraped and updated continuously to adhere to “DO-NOT-CALL” policies and procedures
  • Reassurance that all numbers are verified and completely up-to-date

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Data Licensing

Our Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) licensing contains information about products, sales, and consumer behavior related to items sold in retail stores. Manufacturers, retailers, market researchers, and marketers can utilize this data for market analysis and product optimization.


The Benefits:

  • Assists in understanding consumer preferences and buying patterns
  • Supports inventory management, specific product interests and demand forecasting
  • Facilitates competitive analysis and pricing strategies
  • Gives you access to granular data from brands and retailers
  • Ability to integrate data with internal CRM for enhanced outreach and marketing

Business (B2B) Data Licensing

B2B data licensing encompasses information about businesses, including company profiles, contact details, industry classifications, and financial data. B2B marketers and sales teams can use this data for targeted prospecting and business growth.


The Benefits:

  • Enables targeted B2B marketing and lead generation
  • Supports market research and competitor analysis
  • Helps in identifying potential business partnerships
  • Reassurance that database is consistently updated for data accuracy and privacy law compliance

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