Omnichannel VIN data

Reach nearly 200,000,000 auto owners nationwide with our Auto-Owners Database.  Every record contains a VIN from which detailed vehicle-related information is derived including year, make and model.  In order to increase targeting efficiency and maximize media reach, we add a full range of demographic elements, premium selects and contact points including direct mail, phone, email, social and display.

All records are multi-source verified to ensure accuracy.  The database is fully updated every month and built from tens of millions of privately sourced vehicle transaction sources including sales and service data, auto warranty data and aftermarket repair facilities.

Additional targeting options include in-market consumers who are actively shopping for a vehicle, Auto Lease Expiration data to reach consumers with an upcoming lease expiration and Kelly Blue Book/Black Book enhancements for vehicle price insights.

Selections include:

Children Present
Date Added
Engine size
Fuel Type
Lease Expiration
Mileage Code
Number of Vehicles in HH
Owner Name
Vehicle Class

Vehicle Style
Engine Cylinders
Kelly Blue Book
Kelly Black Book
Wealth models
Year, Make & Model

In-Market Consumers

Reach consumers who have the highest likelihood to purchase a vehicle in the next 1-3 months with our Automotive In-Market Model.  Our entire Auto-Owners Database has been statistically modeled and scored according to their readiness to purchase a vehicle, allowing you to target prospects who are 10-15 times more likely to buy a vehicle within the next 3 months.

Auto Signals In-Market

The newest way to target automotive prospects, our Signals product allows you to reach consumers in the final stages of the vehicle decision-making process.  This service works by targeting consumers who are visiting competing dealerships in real-time.  Utilizing geo-fencing technology, we match mobile devices to our Auto-Owners Database complete with contact information, full demographics and vehicle-specific information including VIN.

Auto Lease Expiration Data

With roughly 1/3 of American households now leasing at least one vehicle in their garage, lease volume has nearly doubled in the last five years.  Our Auto Lease Expiration Data will enable you to reach this lucrative and growing segment of the market.

Our database contains nearly 3 million consumers with an automotive lease expiring within the next year.  Prospects can be targeted by lease expiration date along with full demographics and vehicle-specific information including VIN.

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