Our proprietary consumer database has all of the data points you need to drive effective marketing outcomes and achieve success

With the amount of consumer data that’s available in the market today, wouldn’t it be nice to easily identify who you need to target?

With over 257 million individuals at over 145 million addresses available, we can help you narrow down your selection to reach the audiences that matter most to your business.

Nowhere else will you find more complete and accurate information on U.S. households, individuals by name and age, lifestyle interests, hobbies, purchase behavior and ethnicity along with detailed financial-related data including mortgage, wealth, and credit attributes. Alesco provides hundreds of selection options to help you target your customers more precisely.

We maintain over three hundred demographic selection criteria on each record, allowing us to precisely target individuals most responsive to your offer. Reach these prospects via direct mail, phone, email, social or display.  Combine this data with our marketing solutions to generate higher response rates, more profitable customers, and breakthrough results.

Alesco’s Consumer Database includes over 257 million consumers at over 145 million addresses

Updating Methodologies

We generate our own proprietary data from hundreds of sources including public records, directories, county recorder and tax assessor files, US Census data, surveys, and purchase transactions. Our file is built at both the individual and household level to provide multiple targeting options. We continuously utilize USPS processing routines to give you the most complete and up-to-date addresses; and our daily, weekly and monthly updates ensure the finest quality of data available.

Seamless Integration

We offer data installs for more complex and consistent data needs, in addition to several digital and targeted marketing solutions.

Helpful Technology

Our storefront enables you to maintain profitable customer and prospect relationships via a web-based count and order entry tool.

You can access our Consumer Database, 24/7, through our online platform,

Leading Expertise

With decades of industry knowledge and a mentality built on exceptional service, our team of experts goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients and their customers. Thousands of customers, from Fortune 1000, all the way down to one-person operations, use our products and services to find new customers, increase revenue, reduce selling costs, and grow their business.

Better Targeting

We provide hundreds of selection options to help you target customers more precisely. All of our lists are consistently updated for accuracy on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

More Options

Our consumer database provides you with more specific target audiences. Market to consumers who show specific brand loyalty, or map out targeted neighborhoods by zip code.


Affluent Households
Bank Card
Bankcard Utilization Rate
Business Owner
Buying Activity Categories
Catalog Buyer Frequency
Channel Preference
Charitable Giving Score
Child High School Graduation
Children Age Ranges
College Graduate
Community Reinvestment Act
Country of Origin
Credit Card – New Issue
Cruise Vacations
Date of Birth
Discretionary Income
Domestic Travel
Domestic Travel – Business
Dwelling Type
Dwelling Unit Size

Ethnic Code
Expectant Parent
Generations In Household
Hispanic Language Preference
Home Equity
Home Market Value
Home Purchase Date
Household Size
Insurance Renewal Month
International Travel
International Travel – Business
Investments – Active
Language Preference Code
Length of Residence
Mail Order Buyer
Mail Order Donor
Mail Order Prescription
Mail Responders
Marital Status

Media Channel Usage
Net Worth
New Car Buyer
New Home Buyer
New Mortgage Loan
New Movers
New Parents
Nielsen IPA
Nielsen P$ycle
Number of Children
Number of Vehicles
Online Orders
Online Orders Frequency
Open Auto Loans
PC Operating System
PC Owner
Political Party
Pool Owner
Population Density
Presence of Children
Property Lender Amount
Property Lender Type
Property Loan-To-Value
Property Purchase Amount
Property Type
Property Year Built
Race Code
Range of New Credit
Real Estate Investor
Recent Divorced
Religious Affiliation
Retail – In Store Only Buyer
Retail Activity
Revolving Bank Card
Single Parent
Small Office-Home Office
Software Buyer
Teen Driver
Truck/Motorcycle/RV Owner
Vacation Property Owner
Vehicle – Intend to Purchase
Vehicle Year Make Model





Life Events



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