Reach consumers who experience major life events at the right time

People go through many different experiences in their lifetime, so timing is critical when it comes to marketing to these individuals. With our life event databases, you can reach consumers at pivotal milestones. Reach newly engaged couples, market to families before and after a major home purchase, or just touch base with new parents. With hundreds of key demographics and selections to choose from, you’ll get a unique dataset designed to help you execute a successful marketing strategy.

New Parents

Reach couples and/or single mothers or fathers who have just become new parents. These new parents make up a large consumer group who purchase many different types of products. They are also most likely to upgrade their vehicles and living arrangements, making them likely to buy or rent a new home. You can also reach these consumers based on specific product purchases and/or by brand loyalty.

Recently Engaged Couples

Easily reach couples who are ready to say ‘I do’ at the right touchpoints. These recently engaged couples are beginning their journey and starting to make big decisions when it comes to a ceremony, reception, honeymoon and the years after. Our targeted database can help you reach these couples based on critical purchasing behavior and interests. Many businesses benefit from reaching these individuals early in the planning process.

New Movers & Pre-Movers

Over 30 million Americans move each year and are looking to establish relationships with businesses in their new area. With our targeted database, you will be able to reach these prospects before, during, and after the moving process. These consumers often purchase products like packing tape, boxes, and often search for storage companies and things-to-do in their area, giving you the ability to reach new clients.

New Homeowners

Millions of people purchase homes each year and reaching these individuals at the right time in the buying process can be difficult. Luckily, with our database, records are consistently updated giving you the advantage of reaching new home owners at the best time. Our database contains records of individuals who are stable, creditworthy, have specific purchasing needs and are highly receptive to offers and promotions.


With our life event data, you get more than just basic records. Choose from specific selects associated with major life events that will help you reach your target audience at the right time.

Reach Customers When They are Ready to Purchase

Life event triggers can help you gain valuable insights on your target audience.  Find out which specific products they are interested in, along with specific timelines regarding when these milestones occur, including wedding dates or the birth of a new family member.

More Categories & Selects for Better Targeting

Specific life events can help you determine the best niche market to reach when it comes to promoting your products or services. In addition to newly weds and homebuyers, we can help you find specific audiences based on additional categories and selects. Below are just a few of these categories:


  • Expecting parents and grandparents
  • Newly married and divorced
  • Job seekers
  • Insurance seekers
  • Just built a new house
  • Recent college graduates and continuing education


Timing and relevancy is key when it comes to your marketing acquisition and retention campaigns. Here are just a few of the ways different business sectors can effectively reach their target market using life event data triggers.

Insurance Agencies

If you are an insurance agency or broker, knowing the exact times potential prospects are researching or looking to buy new policies is important. You can utilize our life event trigger data to create a more personalized experience.  For example, you can combine overall purchase propensity data with various selects, including:

  • Purchasing a home
  • Renting a home
  • Buying a car

The result is more qualified leads for better marketing opportunities.

Financial Advisors

For people who are looking to make a major purchase, items like pre-qualifications and estimates are required in order to move forward with the buying process. As a financial advisor, you can utilize our life event data to reach prospects early on in the buying process. You can incorporate our data into multichannel marketing campaigns that allow you to reach potential clients at various touchpoints.  Identify prospects through keyword research and narrow down your target audience based on various demographics. This ensures your message makes the most impact.

Moving Companies

Effectively reach prospects as they begin researching moving companies to assist in their transition to a new home. With our life event trigger data, you have the ability to reach these customers in the ‘pre-mover’ phase of the moving process. We can help you target audiences by specific locations, neighborhoods or suburbs, as well as specific product searches like ‘moving boxes’, ‘packing tape’, and ‘local moving companies’. By narrowing down to these specific audiences, you will be able to reach potential customers who are most likely to hire movers.





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