New Homeowners

Our New Homeowner data enables you to target the 5 million+ Americans who purchase a home each year.  Studies have shown that, once they’ve moved in, new homeowners purchase more in the first six months than they do for the following three to five years.  

Our data is updated on a weekly basis, allowing you to reach these highly responsive consumers early in their “buying binge”.  Our subscription option enables you to receive weekly data deliveries the moment the file updates. 

We carry full demographics on our New Homeowner records, enabling us to couple this data with our Machine Learning targeting algorithms to identify the new homeowners with the highest likelihood to respond to your offer.

Selections include:

Cooling System 
Heating System
Home Value
Interest Rate Type
Language Preference
Lender Type
Loan Amount

Loan to Value 
Loan Type
Marital Status
Number of Children
Pool Owners
Property Type
Purchase Amount
Purchase Date
Seller Carry-Back
Square Footage
Year Built

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