Our mortgage database contains over 100 mortgage and property-related selections in addition to household demographics

Qualified Mortgage leads are the lifeblood of every successful Mortgage Broker. With over 24 years of lead generation experience, Alesco Data has the background and experience to supply quality Mortgage Leads that will produce results.

Our Mortgage Database is sourced from the county recorder and assessor records across the nation.  It is compiled on a monthly basis and contains information on over 80 million U.S. homeowners.  The file contains over 100 mortgage and property related selections in addition to household and individual demographic criteria.

Reach these prospects via direct mail, phone, email, social or display.  Couple this data with our Machine Learning targeting algorithms to identify highly responsive prospects for your marketing campaigns.

Selections include:

Address Lines 
Architecture Code
Assimilation Index
Available Home Equity Range
Cash Only Purchase
Census Median Home Value
Child Age
Company Name Flag
Construction Loan
Cooling Type Detail
Country of Origin
Credit Card Buyer
Credit Card Indicator
Date Of Birth
Delinquent Tax Flag
Delinquent Tax Year
Distress Indicator
Dwelling Unit Size
Economic Stability Indicator
Exterior Type
First Loan Amount Range
First Loan Date
First Loan Interest Rate Type
First Loan Lender Type
First Loan Transaction Type
First Loan Type
Foundation Code
Garage Detail

Heating & Cooling System 
Heating Type Detail
Home Assessed Value Range
Home Market Value Range
Home Purchase Amount Range
Home Size Range (sq. ft.)
Homeowner Type
Homeowner Type Detail
Improvements Market Value
Improvements Percent Market Value
Interfamily Transfer Flag
Land Market Value
Language Preference Code
Lendable Home Equity Range
Lender Code/Name
Lender Type Scan Field
Length of Residence
Length of Residence Range
Lot Size Range
Mail Address Record Type
Mail Order Buyer
Mail Order Responder
Marital Status
Market Decile
Market Value Model Flag
Multi-Parcel Purchase Indicator
Number of Bathrooms Range
Number of Bedrooms
Number of Rooms Range
Number of Stories Range
Number of Units

One Per / All Per Owner 
Presence of Children
Property Type
Property Type Detail
Purchase Date
Purchase Month (X Date)
Quit Claim
Real Estate Investor Property Counts
Reverse Mortgage Flag
Roof Type
Seasonal Mail Address
Second Loan Amount Range
Second Loan Date
Second Loan Equity LOC Flag
Second Loan Interest Rate Type
Second Loan Lender Type
Second Loan Transaction Type
Second Loan Type
Spouse Gender Code
Swimming Pool
Telephone Number
Third Loan Amount Range
Third Loan Date
Third Loan Equity LOC Flag
Third Loan Interest Rate Type
Third Loan Lender Type
Third Loan Transaction Type
Third Loan Type
Total Loan Range
Trust Owned
Year Home Built
Year Improvements Made





Life Events



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