Alesco Data Joins Truthset Data Collective as Founding Data Provider

20 Data Providers Commit to Utilizing a Shared Platform to Verify Accuracy, Quality and Reliability of Demographic Data in Largest Collaboration of Its Kind

San Francisco, December 7, 2022Truthset, the leading data validation-as-a-service offering, today announced the Truthset Data Collective is emerging from private beta with 20 founding members and a suite of products aimed to help all participating companies and the industry at large transact on data with the highest degree of accuracy and quality possible.

The Truthset Data Collective initially formed in response to a growing number of alarming industry reports in recent years showing how deeply flawed and unreliable digital marketing data can be.

Forrester reports show 37% of marketers waste spend as a result of poor data quality, 35% suffer from inaccurate targeting, and 30% have lost customers due to this problem.

Initially created as an exchange for a group of technologists led by former Nielsen executive Scott McKinley, Truthset Data Collective enables data providers to anonymously compare and benchmark all their data segments algorithmically against a comprehensive data pool. The company realized a glaring industry need – as marketing was becoming far more data-driven, brands increasingly needed a multi sourced and objectively accurate service to standardize demographic accuracy for audience targeting and media measurement.

“The current data ecosystem is built for scale, not accuracy,” said Scott McKinley, founder & CEO at Truthset and former Executive Vice President at Nielsen. “In partnership with the Data Collective, we’re proactively addressing up to $10 billion in waste due to data quality, by
providing validation of privacy compliant identity and demographics that make for optimized ad decision-making across all audience sizes.”

That functionality resulted in Truthset Data scoring systems trusted broadly throughout the industry and led to the development of a host of features that data providers use to ensure data accuracy, differentiation, and actionability. The Truthset Data Collective can be accessed in four tiers of membership starting at free accuracy scoring and badging and working up to enterprise-level membership that enables advanced audience segmentation, modeling and more.

”This group of Founding Data providers have showcased meaningful vision and leadership with their commitment to ongoing data governance practices. Their commitment has shown once again that as an industry, there is enormous value when we work together,” said Chip Russo,President & CRO at Truthset.

Truthset validated more than 4.3 billion consumer IDs and 25+ attributes from the Data Collective, matching hashed email addresses against independent research panels and U.S. census databases. This generated more than 960 million unique email addresses, with
probabilistic Truthscores across 25+ demographic attributes. These IDs and their associated Truthscores are available to match and score the accuracy of any first or third party consumer data set.

In addition to the Data Collective, Truthset is working with a variety of stakeholders across the supply chain including networks, brands and platforms, powering everything from data validation, to audience building and measurement. Truthset also plays an integral role in data
accuracy movements from trade organizations such as Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), Association of National Advertisers’ Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) and the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF).

Commentary from Truthset Data Collective Founding Member Stacey Girt, EVP at Alesco Data

“We have always been committed to data transparency and have fostered a culture of continuous improvement to create better results for data consumers. Being part of the TrusthSet Data collective allows us to benchmark our offerings against some of the industry’s best, providing us with key insights to make our data even stronger.”

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