Our digital audience targeting solutions start with offline, PII-based data attributes for maximum targeting effectiveness.  Using people-based marketing data, rather than anonymous device IDs, allows us to leverage robust offline targeting capabilities, including Machine Learning algorithms, and extend them to online marketing channels to increase campaign reach and maximize conversions.

Our highly scalable consumer and business data assets include hundreds of targeting attributes.  Based on an analysis of the offline and online behavior of your best customers, we identify highly responsive prospects from over a billion digital profiles to enable your Display, Social and Mobile marketing campaigns.

Omnichannel Acquisition Engagement Campaigns

All our consumer and business data sets are omnichannel targeting-enabled, allowing you to reach prospects through the mailbox, inbox, desktop, and device.  To achieve the greatest results, leverage the full combination of our online and offline medial options – display, email, social, postal and retargeting – fully optimized by our cutting-edge and highly effective Machine Learning algorithms.


Our email marketing services combine our big data assets, email verification and email broadcast services to ensure increased engagement and maximum open, click and conversion rates.

Email deliverability is a key component of successful email marketing.  The higher your inboxing rate, the greater number of prospects that see your promotion, which significantly improves opens, clicks, and conversions.  Our email verification and broadcast service ensures the highest deliverability rates and overcomes inboxing challenges such as IP blacklists, spam traps, and junk filters.

For those clients who haven’t been consistently collecting emails, our email append service allows you to rapidly grow the size of your email list and accelerate your digital marketing efforts.  Reverse append processing is also available which adds postal, phone and social handles to email records allowing for instant multi-channel marketing campaigns.


One of our newer remarketing services, WebID allows you to send direct mail to anonymous website visitors within 24-48 hours after leaving your site.  Studies show that over 98% of website visitors leave without providing contact details.  WebID is a unique service which allows us to match 60%-70% of your anonymous site traffic to offline postal records.  From there, we develop algorithms utilizing visitor statistics such as pages visited, time on site and frequency of visit to determine which visitors should receive your offer.

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