Data Processing / Enhancements

Alesco offers a comprehensive suite of data processing services designed to increase data accuracy, minimize waste and decrease costs.

Data Enhancement

Alesco’s Data Enhancement services add additional information to your database, as well as, verifies the data you already have.  Our service begins by standardizing and validating your current data set.  Once your records are clean, we append missing or incomplete information and enhance your records with more than 1,000 available data attributes including postal, demographic, financial, buyer propensity and automotive information.  We can also append additional contact information like phones, emails and social media handles to enhance your omnichannel marketing efforts.

The service is available via real-time API or in batch-mode via our customer support teams.

Address Append
Demographic Append
Email Append
Firmographic Append

Phone Append
Reverse Email Append
Reverse Phone Append
Social Append

Address Assist

Address Assist is a service that improves the quality of your customer addresses and is designed to overcome the processing and timeframe challenges associated with NCOA, which only contains the most three years of address changes.  Moreover, it is estimated that roughly 40% of movers don’t notify the Postal Service of their move.

Address Assist utilizes over 40-years of historical name and address data and is the perfect solution to create up-to-date information from old, “dirty” data sets.  Thanks to the size of the historical file, Address Assist can identify and update upwards of 85% of the records provided.

Data Hygiene

Dirty data can significantly hamper marketing performance.  Improve your overall data quality with our comprehensive Data Hygiene services.  We offer a range of Data Hygiene solutions that may be used on a stand-alone basis or in combination to dramatically improve the accuracy of your data.


Prison Suppression

Data Processing

Our turn-key data processing capabilities ensure that your processing needs are met on-time and on-budget and include Merge/Purge, Suppression, Geo Coding, Drive Time and Radius Processing.

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