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As an industry leader in data, we specialize in partnering with newspapers and media publishers to support their direct marketing services divisions. Data is our foundation, supported by a wide range of direct marketing-related products and services. From one-off lists to nationwide database installs, we have the in-house data assets to help your clients connect with the right audiences for local and national direct marketing campaigns.

The Right Data is Just the Foundation

Consumer Data

Help your clients reach consumers at their postal and/or email address with the ability to choose from hundreds of selects.

Business Data

Help your clients reach businesses at their postal and/or email address. Create a custom list from our broad selection criteria including company size, executive titles and more!

Custom Database Installs

We offer custom consumer and business database installs with unlimited usage. With monthly or quarterly updates, your install can include emails to support your client’s multichannel marketing campaigns.

Email Appends

If your clients are missing emails, we can enhance their information using our 1.6 billion record email database to enable their multichannel outreach efforts.

Email Marketing & Deployment

We deploy and execute customized email campaigns, targeted to help your clients reach prospects most likely to be interested in their products and services.

Postal Appends

Just like our email append services, we take your client’s existing email addresses and add postal addresses to complete their records.

Phone Appends

If your clients need phone numbers added to their records, we do that too.¬† Just provide us with their current database and we’ll take care of the rest.

Reverse Email & Phone Appends

If your clients have email addresses and phone numbers, but no contacts, it’s no trouble. We take your client’s current database and return the records with name and postal information.

Data Hygiene

Help your clients get rid of bad data and ensure their records are clean. We run their data against our trusted and verified third party databases and return records that are verified and accurate.

Optimize Your Outreach with Targeted Vertical Markets:


Help your clients reach vehicle owners and other potential prospects based on credit statistics and other criteria:

  • New home buyers who purchase a vehicle within the same year
  • Sports car club members and show car members
  • Pre and Post-Natal prospects looking to upsize their current vehicle
  • Auto predictor files showing those most likely in the market to buy
  • People who lease cars
  • And more!


Help your clients reach investors and prospects who have higher income, in addition to other criteria:

  • Investors considered to have net worth, and people who are empty nesters
  • New parents who have loans and college funds
  • New homeowners and people refinancing their homes
  • Age 65+ retirement funds seminars
  • Stockbrokers
  • Businesses who need credit cards, pension plans.
  • And more!

Mortgage Brokers

Help your clients identify key prospects in real estate, mortgage brokers and other firmographics:

  • Deed dates that are matched to trends in the market
  • Identifying high interest rate lenders (finance companies) and presence of mortgage/finance company for the first mortgage
  • Affluence model for individuals who may be interested in moving up to a bigger house, purchasing a second home or purchasing investment property
  • Apartment dwellers to pre-qualify, with presence of children
  • Home equity
  • Consumers with many open credit lines
  • Doctors by age or years in practice with outstanding loans
  • Homeowners that may want to purchase a car
  • Real estate agents with co-op deals
  • Empty nesters
  • And more!


Give your clients the ability to reach specific types of restaurants on a national and local level:

  • Demographics with kids for “Family” restaurants
  • Income selects for “Middle” or “Upscale” restaurants
  • New mover markets to introduce them to a restaurant
  • Ethnic files for “Chinese” “Indian”, etc., restaurants
  • Birthday (exact age) mailers for special coupons for both children and adults
  • Businesses to cross advertise
  • Hotels for “take out” menus
  • And more!


Your clients can reach prospects who are millionaires, investors and in additional affluent markets:

  • Consumer interests who love specific luxury brand cars, horse owners, etc.
  • Change of life
  • Brokers doing seminars
  • People who live on the water in luxury yachts or boats
  • Business owners and home-based businesses
  • Polks cohort information – select models
  • Affluence model with net worth ranges to fit all types of investment vehicles
  • Broker account ownership
  • And more!

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